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Welcome back 


And that’s the moment when my heart broke </3 Text-less version of the last artwork in my DA! :) Link here: [x]

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hi! I'm new to the fandom and just recently finished listening to all the episodes (+ Condos).. I must have missed it but... when did it become canon that Cecil is covered in tattoos and had a third eye? Thanks!

Hey annon!

it’s acctually not cannon, we have gotten little cannon description of cecil (not tall not short not thin not fat) the tattoos and third eye are just headcannons 


If someone were to submit a (cecilos) fic to you would you review and give feedback? Thanks for answering! Xo

yes of course I’d love to :3



None moving one cause gif’s always eat up some colors ;o;


Please Cecil, you must wear this labcoat. Why? Oh uh for science stuff of course i mean really yes science


Happy birthday to A GIANT NERD even if your age isn’t real and your body’s an illusion~ <3


someone sent me an ask once about Cecilos in a little Filipino wedding and unfortunately I wasn’t able to draw out the spear-throwing part but I AM SO GAME FOR THEM MARRYING EACH OTHER IN ADORKABLE BARONG TAGALOGS


Carlos is a good boyfriend, and he does get better at knowing when he should take a short break from science.


blah blah more tablet practices. Cecil carrying Carlos, Carlos is carrying his science stuff because science.