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my piece for the WTNV Fan Calendar That Doesn’t Exist and Never Existed!

beach day at the night vale harbor and waterfront recreation area


Cecil replying to Carlos’s texts during the weather tho.

cries idk how I feel about cecil having tattoos yet but I got a tattoo this weekend so I wanted to give it a try~


Headcanon: Carlos fell in love with Cecil at first sight as well, but he was just ridiculously shy and babbling science and about the problems at hand was the only way he could cope with this unbelievably attractive radio host flirting and talking about him and this is why it took a near death experience to give him the courage to ask Cecil out.

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I finally finished my Night Vale doll customization project!  I couldn’t decide on just one picture to post, so I sorta posted all of them…

click here for more details about the project, before/after pics, and a few patterns!


"So how’s the science?"

another cecilos doodle. can’t stop won’t stop.


a (few days late) birthday present for my lovely darling best friend becky <3


hold onto everything important


Got the line art done on my cecilos picture! This is the last WIP Ill post I promise. Hopefully itll be the best piece Iv drawn so far this year cause its taking me forever to finish aha


native american cecil that sprouts desert flowers from behind his ears when he feels very positive emotions <33


It rains in the desert.

(I’m still learning the gif thing, and it seems I am no longer capable of drawing Cecil in anything other than the galaxy pants.)